Providing Special Services & Customized Designs

Bumper Installation

  • Parking Lines, LLC can install precast concrete bumpers or car stops made of alternate material. Bumper installation can help protect your building, planters, or landscaping, whether precast concrete, recycled plastic, or rubber. Adding bumpers can give a uniform look to your lot while protecting your valuable assets. Bumpers can be set on top of the asphalt or held in place using rebar pins.

Commercial or Residential Lots

  • Parking Lines services the line striping needs of residential parking lots and commercial parking lots on Cape Cod, the Islands, and southeastern Massachusetts. Whether you have single or multiple parking lots, and no matter the size of your parking lot, Parking Lines offers line striping services to suit your needs. Parking Lines is fully equipped to line stripe even the largest commercial parking lots and plazas, and we excel in high volume line striping without sacrificing the quality of service. We also offer both indoor and outdoor line striping services for both asphalt painting and warehouse painting. Contact Parking Lines to discuss your pavement marking needs today.

Custom Paint Colors & Custom Logos and Stencils 

  • Parking Lines can match any custom or specialized paint color to suit your business needs. Whether you are looking for custom paint colors for safety, appeal, consistency of theme, or name branding, Parking Lines can accommodate your specialized traffic paint needs.
  • Parking Lines can duplicate or supply custom logos and stencils to match existing graphics and themes or when you want to create new ones. If you have a preferred appearance or name branding needs, we can help you achieve that with our custom logos and stencils. Parking Lines maintains excellent relationships with our vendors, and with their assistance, we can provide all your custom layout needs, including unique designs.

New Layout and Layout Advice

  • If your lot has been newly paved or sealed, has never had pavement markings, or the parking lines have long since worn out, you need a new layout. We are equipped to layout your site according to your prepared layout plan, should it exist. If not, we are fully equipped to offer layout advice for your specific needs.
  • Parking Lines can help you determine the best way to lay out your lot. With three generations of line painting and pavement marking experience, we are fully prepared to advise you on those tough or odd-shaped lots and advise on the best parking lot layout for your business. Parking Lines can show you different ways to align your parking lot layout and maximize your space while maintaining a safe and sensible flow to your parking lot. We can even demonstrate how your finished product will appear before the final application is applied.

Permanent Line Removal

  • Many companies only offer “blacking out,” a process of applying black paint over existing markings. When the black paint fades away, the pavement markings you wanted to go are still there. We are proud to offer permanent line removal. We eradicate existing lines by scarifying or grinding the paint off the pavement.  However, we are more than happy to provide you with black-out services if you prefer a less expensive and faster solution.


  • Keep your pavement markings clear and visible to ensure safety and maximize efficiency. Let your business be ready to welcome customers safely, effectively, and with a professional look.


  • You should consider reflectorization if you have pavement markings that must be highly visible at night, such as centerlines or safety markings. We are capable of reflectorizing any type of pavement markings.

Traffic and ADA Signs

  • We can deliver and install traffic signs to suit your business needs. Common sign applications include the installation of informative, directional, handicap, safety, and warning signs. We can even supply signs with your specialized message. Signs are commonly installed using a galvanized square or channel post, but we also offer portable signs that can be easily moved. Parking Lines, LLC supplies signs as part of our sign installation service as we are not a retail supplier.


  • Parking lines proudly offers thermoplastic application for high traffic or sensitive areas where pavement markings need to be prominent. Thermoplastic is generally reserved for road applications but have a place in parking lots as well.

Warehouse Floor Marking

  • Traffic paint can be applied to indoor warehouse floors for numerous reasons such as storage, fork lift traffic, flow pedestrian walkways and many more custom applications. Parking Lines also offers layout and installation of industrial strength beveled edge floor tape. This is an application that can withstand most abusive environments.

Sweeper Services

  • We offer vacuum-style sweeping services to help your lot look clean and fresh. Regularly sweeping your parking lot as part of your routine maintenance plan can help with store-front aesthetics, preservation of asphalt and asphalt treatments, parking lot drainage, and more.
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