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Aesthetics, Ecosystems & Liability

Your parking lot is the first thing a potential customer, tenant or guest sees and experiences before even stepping foot into your business or residential community. What is your parking lot saying? The appearance of your parking lot can either invite or deter customers. A clean parking lot makes a good first impression, and impressions matter. For example, a clean and well-maintained parking lot can discourage littering as well as loitering or other undesirable behavior often seen in neglected, unattended lots. Dirty parking lots full of debris, litter and other garbage pose both a slipping and tripping hazard, and cleaning your parking lot regularly may help minimize those risks to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. And, clean parking lots help minimize pollution of local waterways and other sensitive ecosystems and environments. Clean curbs and parking areas along with newly refreshed pavement markings and up-to-date signs are an easy way to entice customers into your lot. And, running a successful business starts in your parking lot.

Asphalt Degradation

Sand and debris may contribute to premature degradation of the top course of your asphalt. They can also shorten the life of other products and services, such as premature wearing of sealcoat, crackfill, and even your pavement markings.

Parking Lot Drainage

Regularly sweeping commercial properties can help ensure that your parking lot drainage system is operating optimally. Catch basins, storm drains and other parking lot drainage systems can benefit from having less sand, bark mulch, and garbage from ending up in them, which ultimately requires cleaning as well.

Pervious Pavement

Pervious pavement is a porous pavement surface designed to encourage parking lot runoff to drain through the pavement instead of across it into adjacent catch bins or other traditional drainage systems. For runoff water to drain through pervious pavement, the lot needs regular maintenance. It is recommended that you vacuum pervious pavements at least twice a year, and depending on actual usage, maybe more. Keeping up with pervious pavement cleaning can help lessen puddles, drainage backups, or even slippery ice buildup, which is hazardous and a potential liability.


Regenerative Air Sweeper

Parking Lines uses the latest technology in parking lot sweeping. Our sweeper is a regenerative air truck that has a blast-to-suction technology. A high powered fan on one side of the truck generates a downward blast of air to dislodge debris and particulate matter across the sweeping head over to the suction side of the sweeper. The debris is sucked up into the machine’s hopper and removed from your property.

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